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The Best THC Gummies for Pain, Depression, and Anxiety

Seeing weed edibles for sale is a common occurance nowadays. Edibles are on the rise as one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Not only are they smokeless and discreet, but they are delicious too!

Fun flavours aside, buying edibles online in Canada is actually a great way to get medicine for your ailments. Research has proven that THC helps alleviate symptoms of pain, depression, and anxiety. As well as being delicious, edibles are more potent than inhaled marijuana and can pack a strong punch for managing unpleasant symptoms. 

Using THC to Combat Pain

Chemically speaking, THC is a natural product that helps your body to manage pain. Every animal has an endocannabinoid system that exists throughout its body to help keep the body in homeostasis. The cannabinoids produced by this system are nearly identical to those found in cannabis plants, and this is what makes marijuana such powerful medicine.

When you consume marijuana, THC floods your body and activates the cannabinoid receptors found throughout the endocannabinoid system. Research shows that receptors are present on all major organs and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Pain is essentially a miscommunication between nerves at the site of irritation and the brain. Introducing THC to the body gives a flush of extra cannabinoids that can help “reset” this communication by binding to receptors. When these nerves are reset, the symptoms of pain are alleviated.

Not only does THC directly help nerves and therefore perceived pain, but it also often brings a sense of euphoria to the user. While this may not be scientifically proven to affect pain levels, it can be an emotional boost to users suffering from chronic pain. Pain is hard to bear; finding THC weed edibles for sale can help lighten the load. 

THC for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors, but one of those factors is chemical imbalance in the brain. While this is an extreme simplification (as there are billions of chemical reactions happening in your brain), viewing mental health as a chemical imbalance helps us understand how THC can be an effective form of assistance.

Using THC to treat depression works along the same lines as using it to treat pain. Since there are endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, THC can bind to receptors to restore balance. By binding to receptors to open or close them, the flow of chemicals can be brought back to a balanced state to ease symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Another reason buying weed edibles for sale can help with depression and anxiety is that it can improve the user’s sleep. Often referred to as “burning out,” the crash that can come after your edibles wear off has the potential to send you into a deep and soothing sleep. Feeling well-rested helps with symptoms of anxiety. 

Why Edibles Are Great Medicine

As we have learned, THC is a wonderfully diverse natural remedy. All of the above-listed uses can be accessed by smoking marijuana, but some patients might prefer to avoid inhaling smoke. For those who do, edibles are also an efficient and powerful way to bring THC into your body.

When you smoke cannabis, THC enters your body in a form called delta-9-THC. While it does work almost instantaneously, the effects typically wear off within two hours. For people hoping to manage chronic conditions, smoking every two hours will eventually have negative effects on the airways.

Enter edibles: the stronger and longer-lasting method for managing your symptoms. When you buy weed edibles for sale and ingest them, your body breaks the THC down into a form called 11-hydroxy-THC. This form enters your body at much higher concentrations than delta-9-THC and is much more powerful in its medicinal delivery.

The one downside to consuming edibles is that they can take up to two hours to reach maximum strength. While this isn’t effective for immediate relief, it is balanced by the fact that edibles’ effects can last up to eight hours. With a little pre-planning, one can have consistent alleviation from chronic conditions using tasty edibles. 

What Laughing Monkey Has to Offer

Here at Laughing Monkey, we strive to create delicious and potent edibles to satisfy our customers’ needs. Check out the following list of products to find what is right for you: 

Gummy Candies

Remember buying five-cent candies from the convenience store? This line of gummies is inspired by old favourites: Cola Candies, Fuzzy Peaches, and Sour Keys have all been revamped to pack a more “adult” punch.

These flavors are available in 150 mg per package (and some in 300 mg per package), with each containing six candies. That works out to 25 (50) mg per candy, which is a potent dose that will provide relief for pain and a depressed mood. This is a high dose, so beginners will want to have only a small portion of one candy (aiming for five milligrams is a good start).

If you find yourself having a hard time choosing between flavours, we’ve got you covered! Our assorted gummies come in packages of seven, with a total dose of 200 mg per package. 


Brownies are a classic when it comes to edibles. Chocolate pairs well with marijuana to cover up any “weedy” flavour, making brownies a subtle and delicious way to take your medicine. Chocolate itself contains caffeine, so cannabis brownies are a good choice for daytime medicine.

Our brownies come in a single serving, with your choice of 200-400 mg per package. That being said, one brownie is not one dose. Taking a dose of over 100 mg can seriously impair coordination and induce nausea, pain, and an increased heart rate. Be sure to divide your brownie into portions that suit your needs. 

Extreme Candies

If you’re looking for something more robust than our regular candies, check out our Extreme candies. With a single leaf-shaped candy per package and a dose of 1000 mg, you’ll find one little nibble goes a long way. This is an excellent way to curtail a sweet tooth and still avoid inhalation. 

Buying Weed Edibles for Sale to Treat Symptoms

Finding a healthy way to consume cannabis is important for chronic users. Purchasing weed edibles for sale can deliver a more potent high and longer-lasting relief of symptoms. They can be used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and pain without causing any harm to your respiratory system. With flavours for every palate, there’s something for everybody! 

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