Cannabis-infused edibles: Dosing, potency, and labelling

Cannabis-infused edibles: Dosing, potency, and labelling

Once only popular amongst rebellious teens and stereotypical stoners, edibles have quickly become one of the most popular forms of consuming cannabis. Edibles provide all the therapeutic and psychoactive components of cannabis, often with much more potent effects and no need to smoke!

But what makes cannabis edibles so different from smoked, vaped, and topical cannabis products? And how does one understand the label to ensure safe dosing? If you’re curious, read on to find out everything you need to know when you order cannabis edibles.

Let’s Talk About Edibles

When it comes to cannabis, there are numerous methods of consumption, like smoking or vaping. Each manner of consumption provides myriad ways to enjoy cannabis, from joints, pipes, and bongs, to vape pens, to topical lotions and salves.

Edibles, however, offer one of the broadest and most exciting selection of forms, from gummies, to baked goods, to beverages, to eight-course Michelin Star-quality meals. Generally, if it can include or is composed of fats or oils, it can include cannabis.

Cannabis food products are a choice method of consumption, as they don’t require no accessories, offering ease and accessibility. And with no need to smoke, many heart- and lung-based risks are significantly lowered or avoided. Plus, cannabis edibles are genuinely a joy to eat!

What Makes Edibles So Potent?

While hitting the bong might get you pretty high, pretty quickly, the rapid absorption of cannabinoids usually leads to a shorter experience. With edibles, cannabinoids can take much longer to be absorbed, as many edibles begin digestion in the stomach.

Most fat-based edibles are metabolized in the liver, allowing for slow release and concentrated effects. Yet, with some edibles like hard candies and cannabis-infused drinks, absorption begins in the mouth, allowing for fast-acting effects. The latter is especially beneficial to those seeking immediate relief from various physical and mental ailments.

How Do I Read the Label?

When you order cannabis edibles, products will include a detailed label. Necessary points of a safe, standard label include: product name, strain name (if applicable), strain type, CBD and THC content, product weight, packaging date, producer information, and warning labels. Number of units and unit weight are also necessary, if applicable.

While some categories like name and weight are self-explanatory, others may need to be clarified. Strain type marks whether a product contains indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis. Packaging date notes when a product was sealed for sale. This is important as it allows you to gauge how fresh an edible is, both for the sake of potency and safety.

Warning labels are imperative so as to avoid unwanted trips by the unassuming or underage snacker. Warning labels will generally remind you to keep edibles stored safely and out of reach of children and pets. Labels can also include health warnings, highlighting potential risks.

CBD and THC content labelling is a bit more extensive. While some edibles are concentrated and require manual dosing, the majority of edibles on the market are sold as a package containing one or more units. A unit describes a distinct piece of product, for example, one gummy in a bag of seven.

Below is the standard layout for CBD and THC Content, with exact numbers replaced with the ## symbol.

THC Label:

  • THC per unit ## mg
  • Total THC per unit ## mg
  • THC ## mg
  • Total THC ## mg

CBD Label:

  • CBD per unit ## mg
  • Total CBD per unit ## mg
  • CBD ## mg
  • Total CBD ## mg

The difference between THC and total THC is that the former represents the actual amount of THC in a sold product. Total THC represents the total amount of THC present before the product was decarboxylated (during baking or otherwise). Likewise, this follows for CBD and total CBD.

A Tasty Conclusion

If you’re looking to order cannabis edibles, you’ve come to the right place. Just be sure to always read the labels and dose accordingly. Remember, edibles take longer to kick in, so pace yourself. And most importantly, enjoy!

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